Join the Strava group to officially enter the challenge: Conquer All  Conquer All Challenges are open to all cyclists in Planet Earth. Prizes, digital badges, & exclusive challenge completion rewards. Challenge Rules & Info... - Challenges Begins the last week of every month and will vary from distance, elevation, and even speed.We will change it up every month and try to stay consistent with the ranking system. - Official #ConquerAllChallenge will be posted on our Instagram page and on Strava Group Announcement. - We'd like to keep it FIXEDGEAR ONLY but we wont be able to track that down so we encourage you too stay true to yourself and hop on the track bike for All Challenges. - Digital social media badges for 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% challenge completion - Prizes for 1st male & 1st female to complete the challenge. - Best photo award during challenge. Photo must be public, tags @conquerelite & #conquerallchallenge must be used in photo, rider must complete at least 50% of challenge for photo to be considered. - We recommend uploading your rides to Strava ASAP. We will allow a grace period of 3 days after the challenge ends to upload all of your rides. We however will award 1st place prizes to the first to complete & upload their rides. If you have any questions, send us a message on our contact page.
Tag your challenge pictures & posts with #ConquerAllChallenge